End User Licence Agreement

End User Licence Agreement


The Service: All elements of the system known as eSubs whose aim is to help educational providers (schools, colleges and other training providers) to manage the setting, submission, marking, internal verification and tracking of student work.

The Owner: Esubs Consulting and Services.

The Client: Any organisation that has purchased a licence or been given a trial licence to use eSubs.

Users: You, a student or employee of The Client or an employee of an exam board.

The Agreement

You may run The Service using the website provided while you are an employee of The Client, a student of The Client or are working for an exam board and verifying courses run by The Client.

The Service is the copyright of The Owner and you agree not to copy The Service as a whole or the functionality provided by elements of The Service.

You agree that you will not attempt to reverse engineer, modify or change the software used to provide The Service in any way and will not allow any third party to have access to The Service or a copy of the software used to provide The Service. In the event of such unauthorised access or use, you shall promptly notify The Client.

If you are provided with a password for access to The Service, you agree that you will use a secure password for use of The Service and keep your password confidential.

You agree that The Owner may hold your personal information as provided by you, The Client and other Users in order to provide The Service. This may include your name, email address, information related to courses you are studying, assignment submissions, assignment feedback and (if you are a member of staff) internal verification feedback.

You agree that The Owner provides you with no warranty or representation of any kind. While The Owner intends that The Service will aid the submission, marking and internal verification of student assignments, The Owner does not guarantee the correct operation of The Service or that it meets all the regulations set out by the exam boards responsible for qualifications being studied. You agree that The Owner is not responsible for your or any student's level of achievement. You agree that The Owner has no responsibility for loss of, corruption to or incorrect reporting of information or data, or any consequences of such occurrences.

You agree that employees and agents of The Owner may view and process your personal information for the purpose supporting and improving The Service.

You agree that you will be bound by the terms of the agreement between The Client and The Owner. Please contact The Client to obtain a copy of this agreement.

In the event that you come across a problem with The Service (whether caused by incorrect configuration or by a bug), you will log the problem with The Client's helpdesk.

You agree that this agreement in conjunction with the agreement between The Client and The Owner constitute the entire agreement between you and The Owner with respect to The Service, superseding all previous agreements between you and The Owner.